21 Sep

How to Save Money at Starbucks 

Save money at Starbucks

1. Bring your own cup for 10 cents off. Sure it’s only 10 cents, but every little bit counts! Not to mention you’ll help reduce the waste of a paper cup. Just make sure your mug is large enough for the size you want!

2. Earn free drinks with the Starbucks rewards program. Membership is free and purchases earn you stars toward free drinks. I get 2 or 3 lattes in an average week and have already redeemed 2 free drinks in just a couple months. Download the smartphone app and link your debit or credit cards (and your spouse’s!) so you’ll still get points no matter what payment method you use. Watch for mobile alerts on special offers that earn bonus stars. Double star day is a great way to earn extra stars on your morning coffee. Plus, you’ll get a free drink for your birthday!

3. Earn $10 with Visa Checkout. While this offer seems to come and go, I’ve used it two different times for an instant $10 gift card. It will be promoted on the website or on the mobile app whenever they run this promotion. If you don’t have a Visa Checkout account you’ll be asked to register and link any Visa card. Then load at least $10 (Starbucks minimum amount) onto your account to score your extra $10.

4. Split a venti with a friend. Craving the same drink order as your hubby or BFF? (Or the stranger behind you in line? Maybe you’ll make a new friend!) Order a venti and pour half into a separate cup. It’s like two tall drinks for less than an actual tall! Plus fewer calories than drinking a single venti and you won’t explode from caffeine overload.

Bonus Tips

If Starbucks isn’t in the budget this week, there are a few alternatives you can try. Making your own lattes costs 1/3 of a Starbucks brew and lets you control exactly what goes into your coffee.

No time to whip up your own drink? McDonald’s offers surprisingly good lattes and frappes with a lower price tag. Just make sure to specify 2% milk to cut back on calories and let them know if you want whip cream added! (The answer is yes, yes you do.)

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